Y Cyngor Plwyf

Details are provided here of the Town and Community Council's for the County of Flintshire. By clicking on the link to each one you will find the information relating to that particiular Town or Community Council, including a direct web address and contact details for the Clerk.

Cyngor Cymuned Sealand

Gwybodaeth gyswllt

Mr Peter Richmond

3 Blakeley Court
Raby Mere
CH63 0ND

Ffôn:  0151 334 2247 07920 284026

E-bost:  sealandcommunitycouncil@gmail.com

Gwefan:  sealandcommunitycouncil.gov.uk

Nid yw Flintshire County Council yn gyfrifol am gynnwys unrhyw ddolen gyswllt allanol