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Resilience & Capacity within Streetscene & Transportation

To provide an overview of the ongoing staffing issues, which are impacting the resilience and capacity of the existing Fleet Services and Waste Strategy teams to respond to service demands and deliver service priorities effectively and flexibly, along with proposed solutions.

Math o benderfyniad: Allweddol

Statws y Penderfyniad: Recommendations Approved

Report Type: Operational;

Angen penderfyniad: 18 Gorff 2023 by Cabinet

Prif Aelod: Dirprwy Arweinydd ac Aelod Cabinet Gwasanaethau Stryd a Chludiant

Prif Gyfarwyddwr: Prif Swyddog (Stryd a Chludiant)

Adran: Streetscene and Transportation

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Description (Welsh): xx


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  • Resilience & Capacity within Streetscene & Transportation