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Performance Out-turn 2017/18

To note the areas of corporate and service under-performance against the Council Plan and the performance measures set for 2017/18, and to await an action plan from Cabinet with proposals for performance improvement in 2018/19.

Math o benderfyniad: Non-key

Statws y Penderfyniad: Recommendations Approved

Cyhoeddwyd hysbysiad o benderfyniad arfaethedig gyntaf: 01/06/2018

Report Type: Operational;

Angen penderfyniad: 4 Meh 2018 by Pwyllgor Trosolwg a Chraffu Adnoddau Corfforaethol

Prif Aelod: Aelod Cabinet Gwasanaethau Corfforaethol

Adran: Chief Executive's

Title (Welsh): tbc

Description (Welsh): tbc


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  • Performance Out-turn 2017/18