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Cyng Ryan McKeown

I, Cyng Ryan McKeown a Member of Flintshire County Council give notice that I have the following interests

1. Details of your employment or business
Description of your employment activity Name of Employer or Body
Regional Manager - 2018 - current Stonegate Group
2. Details of your employer, or any firm in which you are a partner or paid director
Name of Person or Body making Payments
Stonegate Group, 3 Monkspath Hall Road, Shirley, Solihull
3. Details of any person who has paid towards the cost of your election or your expenses as a Member (you do NOT need to include payments from Flintshire County Council)
4. Details of any company in which you hold shares with a face value of more than £25,000 or where you hold more than 1% of the total issued share capital and which has premises or land within Flintshire
Name of Company
5. Details of any contract between Flintshire County Council and a firm in which you are a partner, paid director or hold shares in as described in 4
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
6. Details of any land in Flintshire in which you have an interest or have rights over (this includes your home or any land where you are the landlord or tenant)
Address/Description of Property Nature of Interest in Property
1 Vale Close, Broughton -
7. Details of any land let by Flintshire County Council to a firm in which you are a partner, paid director or a body as set out in 4
Address/Description of Land
8. Details of any body to which you have been elected, appointed or nominated by Flintshire County Council (i.e. outside bodies)
Name of Organisation Position
Broughton and Bretton Community Council -
9. Details of any of the following where you are a member or in a position of general control or management: (a) public authority or body exercising functions of a public nature (e.g. a school governing body, the Fire Authority, another council); (b) company, industrial and provident society, charity, or body directed to charitable purposes (e.g. charities, trusts, registered social landlords); (c) body whose principal purposes include the influence of public opinion or policy (e.g. a political party, a campaign group); (d) trade union or professional association; or (e) private club, society or association operating within Flintshire; (ONLY include clubs etc wehre there is a formal membership e.g. you must sign a form to join, give an oath of allegiance or pay a subscription for attendance)
Name of Authority Position
St David's High School LEA Governor
Frodsham Town Council (Cheshire West) -
Broughton and Bretton Community Council -
Broughton and Bretton Community Centre Management Committee -
Broughton United Football Club -
Welsh Labour -
Unite the Union -
10. Details of any land in Flintshire which you have a licence (alone or with others) to occupy for 28 days or longer
Details of land details of land
11. Changes to the registrations made above
Details Date
Employer - Marstons Plc - Area Operations Manager (section 1) 23.03.23
Marstons Plc, St John's House, Wolverhampton (section 2) 23.03.23
Saltney Town Council (co-opted) (section 8) 23.03.23
No longer a Member of Frodsham Town Council (section 9) 23.03.23
Member of Saltney Town Council (section 9) 23.03.23
Governor at Broughton Primary School (section 9) 23.03.23