Cofrestr datgan cysylltiadau

Cyng Christine Jones

Insert Welsh

1. Details of any employment or business carried on by you
Description of your employment activity Name of Employer or Body
2. Details of any person who employs or has appointed you, any firm in which you are a partner or any company for which you are a remunerated director
Name of Person or Body making Payments
3. Details of any person, other than your authority, who has made a payment to you in respect of your election or any expenses incurred by you in carrying out your duties as a member
Description of Contract
4. Details of any corporate body which has a place of business or land in your authority's area, and in which you have a beneficial interest in a class of securities of that body that exceeds the nominal value of £25,000 or one hundredth of the total issued share capital of that body
Name of Company
5. Details of any contract for goods, services or works made between your authority and you or a firm in which you are a partner, a company of which you are a remunerated director, or a body of the description specified in (4)
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
6. Details of any land in which you have a beneficial interest and which is in the area of your authority; (this means land which you own or of which you are the landlord or tenant, including your home)
Address/Description of Property Nature of Interest in Property
31 Welsh Road, Garden City, Deeside, Flintshire Own home
7. Details of any land where the landlord is your authority and the tenant is a firm in which you are a partner, a company of which you are a remunerated director, or a body of the description specified in (4)
Address/Description of Land
8. Details to any body to which you have been elected, appointed or nominated by your authority
Name of Organisation Position
Local Member for Children -
Sealand CP School Governor
John Summers High School Governor
Older Persons Champion -
9. Details of any (a) public authority or body exercising functions of a public nature; (b) company, industrial and provident society, charity, or body directed to charitable purposed; (c) body whose principal purposes include the influence of public opinion or policy; (d) trade union or professional association; (e) private club, society or association operating within your authority's area, in which you have membership or hold a position of general control or management
Name of Authority Position
10. Details of any land in your authority's area in which you have a licence (alone or jointly with others) to occupy for 28 days or longer
Details of land details of land
11. Changes to the registrations made
Details Date
BCUHB 30 June 2012
Community Health Council 30 June 2012
Older Persons Strategy Group 30 June 2012
Children's Services Forum 30 June 2012
Youth Justice Board Executive 30 June 2012
Safeguarding Board (FWLSCB) 30 June 2012
Queensferry Community Council and Residents Association 30 June 2012
Sealand Community Council 30 June 2012
Planning Committe 30 June 2012
Health and Social Care Well Being Board 30 June 2012
Children and Youth People Partnership Board 30 June 2012
Extra Care Project Board 30 June 2012
Social Services Program Board 30 June 2012
Mental Health Champion 30 June 2012
Carers Champion 15 April 2015
Member of the Clwyd Pension Fund 5 October 2020