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Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

Alternatively you can visit the officer decisions page for information on officer delegated decisions that have been taken by council officers.

Teitl Dyddiad Yn effeithiol o Eitemau a alwyd i mewn
Pandemic Emergency Response: Governance and Control Arrangements ref: 805523/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Assurance and the Internal Control Environment ref: 805623/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Attendance by Members of the Press and Public ref: 805823/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Cofnodion ref: 805123/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Datgan Cysylltiad (gan gynnwys Datganiadau Chwipio) ref: 804923/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 ref: 805423/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Treasury Management Annual Report 2019/20 and Treasury Management Update Quarter 1 2020/21 ref: 805723/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Supplementary Financial information to Draft Statement of Accounts 2019/20 ref: 805323/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Draft Statement of Accounts 2019/20 ref: 805223/07/202023/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Rota Visits ref: 816114/11/201922/09/2020Y cais i alw i mewn wedi dod i ben
Forward Work Programme and Action Tracking (S & H) ref: 755514/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Medium Term Financial Strategy: Council Fund Revenue Budget 2020/21 ref: 815414/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Innovation to reduce reliance on out of county placements ref: 815514/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Regulated Services Engagement and Consultation ref: 816014/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Support building resilient communities by developing social prescriber role within Single Point of Access ref: 815714/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Hospital avoidance ref: 815614/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Cofnodion ref: 755414/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Council Plan 2019/20 – Mid Year Monitoring ref: 815914/11/201914/11/2019Nid i'w alw i mewn
Rhaglen Gwaith i'r Dyfodol ref: 812406/01/202006/01/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
Goddefebau ref: 812306/01/202006/01/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn


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